FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I purchase directly from JACKSON/CATNAPPER?
A. JACKSON/CATNAPPER currently does not have a program that will allow “factory direct” transactions. Our products may only be purchased by way of our 2,500 authorized retailers. Dealer Locator

Q. Can JACKSON/CATNAPPER provide me with pricing information?
A. JACKSON/CATNAPPER does not establish retail prices for our products. The local retailer, based upon his trading area and comparison of other competitive products determines any advertised, quoted or printed pricing.

Q. Why should I buy JACKSON/CATNAPPER furniture instead of other manufacturers?
A. Consider the details. When it comes to quality and comfort, look no further than JACKSON/CATNAPPER. The JACKSON/CATNAPPER name is a highly recognized name that is synonymous with quality home furnishings. For over 75 years, millions of happy consumers have been coming home to quality home furnishings manufactured in our state-of-the-art factories. We’ve spent many years testing, re-testing, producing and using our products. We never rest on our past achievements because we recognize that we must remain on the leading edge of technology and quality in order to satisfy our customers. We continually bring new and exciting ideas to the marketplace... ideas that find our customers returning, years later, to replace their old JACKSON/CATNAPPER furniture with new styles. Our desire is to stand above the crowd in regards to quality home furnishings. We want to be the best at what we do. We want you, our customers, to be completely comfortable with the quality, comfort and styling of our products for years to come.

Q. Where can I find a JACKSON/CATNAPPER retailer closest to me?
A. Use our retailer locator to find retailers in your area. Dealer Locator

Q. I can’t find a JACKSON/CATNAPPER retailer close to me. What do I do now?
A. JACKSON/CATNAPPER furniture is available through thousands of retailers throughout the United States. If a retailer is not in a reasonable driving distance, you can contact your local retailer and ask them to become of Jackson/Catnapper retailer. Jackson/Catnapper furniture is only available through authorized retailers and can not be purchased any other way.

Q. I am interested in a specific piece of furniture, can you tell me which retailers have what I am looking for in stock now?
A. Jackson/Catnapper manufactures hundreds of styles of furniture in our four manufacturing facilities every week. With this many different items being produced each week, and several thousand local retailers stocking our products, it would be very difficult to maintain a database that would provide the answer to this question. However, our retailers are stocking the widest and most complete assortment of our products available and would be the best choice to begin your search. The factory is unable to search or have visibility of the specific models the retailers have in their stores.

Q. Are all Jackson/Catnapper products shown on the web site?
A. Our web site is designed to show only a sample of the products we offer. We are constantly adding and removing images on the site but we do not show all products at one time. Please browse our catalog for a complete view of our products.

Q. Why can’t I find a particular product on your web site?
A. Due to the volume of products that JACKSON/CATNAPPER manufactures and sells, we do not show everything on our site. We have displayed a selection of styles, generally the most popular pieces. You can browse our catalog online or at a local retailer for a complete view of our products.

Q. Is the furniture on the web site available in other fabrics and leathers or in other colors?
A. Yes. Most items produced by JACKSON/CATNAPPER Furniture may be ordered in an assortment of fabrics and colors. Exceptions may be those products such as advertised specials, or other limited production items. Contact your local authorized Jackson/Catnapper retailer for more information on their individual order policies.

Q. May I special order a model or style of furniture that is no longer in production?
A. Once a style has been discontinued, we can no longer manufacture the item. If the style was recently discontinued, it’s possible that your local Jackson/Catnapper retailer might still have the item on his showroom floor. Use our retailer locator to find retailers in your area. Once you have the style and fabric numbers, call the retailer to see if they have one in stock. The factory is unable to search or have visibility of what specific models the retailers have in their stores.

Q. How can I special order Jackson/Catnapper furniture from my local retailer?
A. Visit with your local JACKSON/CATNAPPER retailer to determine the style and fabric you want. The retailer will then place the order with Jackson/Catnapper. Once your furniture has been produced, it will be delivered to the retailer.

Q. Who should I contact to determine the status of my furniture order?
A. All contacts regarding your furniture purchase or inquiries should be through your local retailer.

Q. Where is the model number and serial number located?
A. On Jackson Furniture the Serial and Model numbers are located underneath the cushions. On Catnapper Furniture the Serial and Model numbers are located on the bottom of the furniture.
Click here to view an example.

Q. My furniture is in need of cleaning. How do I know what cleaning products are safe for my fabric?
A. Click here to view a detail explanation of cleaning codes and recommendations.

Q. What is the warranty on my JACKSON/CATNAPPER ?
A. Please see a copy of our warranty here.

Q. The seat cushions for my furniture have flattened. Is this covered under the warranty?
A. Cushions may over time lose some of their firmness, much as any foam or pillow type product would under normal circumstances. You will notice some compression loss and this is normal. However, foam seat cores are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for FIVE years from the date of sale. JACKSON/CATNAPPER will honor reasonable and customary labor charges for a period of one year from the original date of sale for the purpose of repair or replacing warranty parts. Warranty service should be performed by an authorized Jackson/Catnapper retailer. Please review the JACKSON/CATNAPPER warranty for more information.

Q. The retailer or service company is charging me with labor costs. Isn’t this covered under my warranty?
A. Please see a copy of our warranty

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